Essence Bistro

At Essence Bistro, customers are provided with an all-round enjoyable dining experience featuring a plant-based diet, clean proteins, and bold Latin American flavors. The restaurant showcases the diversity of Ontario’s food culture and the energy, local ingredients, and natural beauty that the GTA has to offer.

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The Challenge

At Essence Bistro, customers are provided with an all-around enjoyable dining experience featuring plant-based options, clean proteins, and bold Latin American flavours. The restaurant showcases the diversity of Ontario’s food culture, energy, local ingredients, and natural beauty that the GTA has to offer. Opening during Covid was challenging as they were hit with COVID measures repeatedly. The restaurant needed to amplify their social media presence to attract locals and bounce back from the inconsistency of being able to stay open.

Our Response

It was all about creating a unique atmosphere, one that would engage their customers and potential customers by providing clear insights regarding what the brand stands for, such as its signature dishes and uncompromising quality. We deployed our in-house content production team of photographers, videographers, and content strategists to capture shots of the venue, food promotion, and overall social media content that fits with the creative strategy and brand goals.

What we’ve done.

The numbers don’t lie. Our stats show that we set the bar high when it comes to our clients advertising needs


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Reel Interactions


Social Engagement

Social Media Management & Content Creation

Social media is craving for innovative content. Having neat photos of dishes is one thing but to continuously stand out on overcrowded platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, or through formats like Instagram stories, we knew we had to turn it up a notch. So, we brought our content to life and created short Reels & photo carousels to populate Essence’s accounts with feel-good and uplifting posts.

We also take care of all the community management. Our team was able to spice up the account and help it grow by interacting with profiles that shared common values and interests while targeting our ads.

When we discuss strategies for creating content for social media, we can’t overlook influencer content. Leveraging influencers is one of the best ways to create social media content that is authentic and engaging. We tapped in with famous foodies around the city and turned them into brand advocates. They were given a tour of the restaurant, a dive into its brief history, and a taste of some of the food from their menu. The influencers were then asked to give honest opinions and share pictures on key customer-attracting factors such as; the taste of the food, service, ambiance, price, and more.

Website Design & Development

Essence Bistro came to Creative Scope looking to design and develop an easy-to-use website that visually reflects the ambiance of the bistro. The website includes all of the bistros’ menu’s, as well as CTA’s to make a reservation. It also includes a beautiful video header, embedded Instagram feed, and a page for events and private dining.

The website was designed and developed with all the basic SEO foundations in mind including; proper use of heading tags, alt tags for all images, landing pages, and keywords visible in website content and permalinks

Next? Reaching out. Driving traffic.

Our team designed advertising campaigns across both Facebook and Instagram, creating batches of new targeted audiences while testing out different calls-to-action. We created catchy versions of lunch sets aimed at recruiting a new local crowd on the lookout to uplift their lunch break routine.

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“We have worked with Creative Scope on multiple occasions for our digital marketing needs and they’ve always exceeded our expectations! From start to finish, their customer service and communication was beyond exceptional. Quick responses, fast turnaround and fair pricing! If your looking for a team that’s passionate and dedicated to executing your vision, Creative Scope is the place to go!”

– Patricia

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