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Expertise speaks volumes, that’s why customer consultation is a massive priority for Home Reno Solutions. Their contractors will thoroughly evaluate your living situation and advise you on the best route to take considering all factors such as your budget and desired timeline.

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The Challenge

Home Reno Solutions came to us in need of a marketing strategy that would help them overcome the challenges of launching a new company in an already saturated market. While combining creative branding, innovative web designs, and strategic copywriting and SEO solutions – we knew we needed to develop a brand from scratch that would make Home Reno Solutions stand out from the competition. Once the brand was created, our next challenge was to deploy a paid advertising campaign that would generate leads.

Our Response

In no time, Home Reno Solutions began to dominate google search rankings with a beautifully designed website that was successfully turning leads into clients. Thanks to the implementation of our strategic campaigns, informative copywriting, and memorable branding – Home Reno Solutions grew from an idea to a recognizable leader in the GTA’s Home Renovation industry. It was clear that our marketing efforts were aligning with their mission statement: to provide homeowners with the greatest home renovation experience

What we’ve done.

The numbers don’t lie. Our stats show that we set the bar high when it comes to our clients advertising needs.


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Leads Generated


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In the world of design, less is more. That’s why we chose to go with a simple yet effective design. The imagery includes a home, a hammer, and a gear; which covers all angles of the brand in relation to clean and simple home renovations and remodelling.

Colour Palette

We chose to go with the generic “construction” yellow, black, and white as the official colour palette for Home Reno Solutions. Yellow is used in the construction world because it’s an attention-grabbing colour. Having said that, we took this to our advantage and used it as the primary colour to grab the attention of their target audience. Furthermore, this specific yellow colour we used is universally known to represent the construction and renovation avenue. Black and white are great compliments of each other and also represent solidarity and simplicity.

Website Design & Development

The Home Reno Solutions team are certified experts when it comes to renovation and remodeling, so it was only right that their website reflected their creativity and passion for sleek design.

The website features some neat CSS highlighted by cool animations, graphics, and high quality images which are beautifully complimented by the clean house-shaped sections and backgrounds. The home page has everything a successful landing page should include, starting with a captivating main header, business introduction, services overview, service areas, social proof, and CTA buttons.

The navigation header is simple and easy to use, featuring a CTA button which takes users to the ‘Get A Quote’ form. The form itself allows users to identify the service they need and upload images of the spaces they need renovated, remodelled, or painted. In addition, a much shorter and simpler form is employed on the service pages, in the main header. A floating ‘Text Us’ CTA button is always visible in the bottom left corner of any page on the website, allowing users on their smartphones to quickly initiate a text message conversation with the Home Reno Solutions customer service team.

SEO & Copywriting

The biggest marketing mistake in the Home Renovation Industry is the lack of effective copy on their websites. We ensured the Home Reno Solutions website included loads of quality information that provided real value to all users that came across it. By utilizing creative headlines and plenty of call to action buttons, we created an easy-to-digest experience for those looking for home renovation services.

In addition, we implemented strategic keywords, alt tags, a site-map, and a compelling meta-description that boosted search engine rankings. Home Reno Solutions quickly became a Google trusted home renovation company, consistently appearing at the top of search results organically.

Next? Reaching out. Driving traffic.

In this case study, we share how we were able to help a Home Reno Solutions dramatically increase their results from their marketing investment. By starting with strategy, creating a plan, and executing the plan each and every month with expertise, we’ve been able to increase their leads by 120% which converted into 56% more in-home quoting opportunities.

To keep budget and costs lower, we setup campaigns that were targeted to the service areas. The campaigns were tightly structured around keywords that were highly likely to produce results. By structuring the PPC account correctly, all of the keywords earned a 10/10 quality score. This means the client pays less for each keyword and gets better positioning than all other competitors bidding on the same search terms.

To take it a step further, we’re developed landing pages that had included specific social proof from previous customers and added a guaranteed offer that none of our competitors had. After A/B testing with a few othe elements on mobile, Lead generation by phone calls have increased by 32%.

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“Amazing services! I love my logo and look. They paid attention to all the details for my website and theyre helping me find customers online as well. I’m very happy with the results!!”

– Denis M, Owner

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