Creative Scope is a full-service Toronto digital marketing agency specializing in website design and creative branding. Being a Google Partner and offering an impressive range of digital services, we have acquired a dynamic client roster. From social media management, website re-designs and SEO, we definitely offer tools and recommendations to get our clients to increase their brand presence and profits. We have put this blog article together to highlight an aspect of digital marketing we commonly see business owners overlook. Here are our top 7 tips for effective email marketing to push your business to wield better results. 

  1. Work with an E-Mail Marketing Platform

If you are a business is it key you collect emails in one way or another. Realtors can use the open-house sign-in sheets to collect data and e-commerce brands can place Subscribe popups on their website. But do you have a plan for what to do with the new e-mails after the initial acquisition? We recommend investing in a full-scale email platform. Options like Mail Chimp will act as a digital space to hold all your emails, design, and automate blasts all in one place! 

  1. Personalize Your Email Templates 

Consistently showcasing your brand with brand-specific colours, fonts, logos and a brand tone will help build trust in your customer. It is vital you insert all these brand elements into your e-mail blasts. Taking the time to design these templates by hiring an email marketer or designer will be an excellent investment in your business. Customers are least likely to bounce off the email if it is a high-quality design. 

  1. Offer Something of Value

If you want customers to stay more engaged with your email blasts then offering something of value is critical. A free e-book, a discount code or some industry-related information in the form of a short blog post can do wonders in acquiring more brand advocates and customers. Taking time to do an initial strategy with your team on what and how you can offer your customers something of value will help increase sales and customer acquisitions. 

  1. Link Your Socials 

Most businesses have some sort of social media presence, and if you don’t then we recommend reaching out to our team so we can discuss how it could help your business. However, we suggest always linking your social media profiles to the bottom of your email templates. Doing this will push more traffic to your socials and its content, and keep them warm towards your business; ultimately nudging them towards buying your products or services faster and more often. 

Call Creative Scope For Professional Email Marketing 

Remember a few months ago when Facebook and Instagram went down for half a day? Every business that relied on its social channels to keep its customers engaged and in contact lost. Our team believes investing in email marketing is one of the most overlooked but most powerful ways to grow your business and keep it in-tact. For all your Toronto digital marketing needs contact us today for a free discovery call.