Branding Deck

Having a brand deck is essential because it creates consistency and cohesion across all marketing materials. It outlines the core values and mission of the brand, sets expectations for the visual identity, and ensures that all messages are communicated in a unified and consistent way. A brand guide keeps all internal and external stakeholders on the same page while protecting the brand’s integrity.

Creating Your Brand Deck

Includes brand logo, colour palette, typography, design elements, and marketing ideas.

Your Logo

A logo is a symbol that represents a company or organization. It is used to identify the brand and is usually displayed on the company’s products, packaging, and marketing materials. A logo is meant to be a unique and recognizable visual representation of the company’s brand, and it helps to build brand recognition and establish a company’s identity.

Colour Palette

It’s a set of colors that are used consistently in the branding and design of a company or organization. The colors in a palette are chosen to reflect the values and personality of the brand and to create a cohesive visual identity. The colors in a palette can be used in various design elements, such as logos, websites, advertisements, and marketing materials, to create a consistent look and feel for the brand. A color palette can help to create a strong and memorable brand image and can be an important factor in attracting and retaining customers.


Typography refers to the use of typefaces and font styles to create a visual identity for a company or organization. It helps to establish a unique and recognizable look for the brand and can influence how people perceive the brand. Typography is used in various design elements, such as logos, websites, advertisements, and marketing materials, to create hierarchy, emphasis, and contrast in design, and to convey the tone and personality of the brand.

Visual Assets

A company’s visual assets are essentially the final result of the company’s brand coming together. They can be shown in the form of illustrations, packaging, designs, merchandise while all maintaining elements of the brand identity.

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