If you want to gain an edge on the competition in 2019, then you need to stop overlooking Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how it can help your small or start-up business. SEO is an awesome digital marketing technique and a key tactic to increasing website traffic and leads. Effective SEO includes using rich content filled with keywords, blogs, responsive websites, and photo and video to capture the attention of prospective customers and leads.

SEO is vital for your website for a variety of reasons, the largest factor being the way search engines such as Google choose to rank your website in relation to the competition. Over time, web users have grown to trust these search engines and their results. And virtually every part of your website impacts those results. Here are 4 reasons why you shouldn’t overlook SEO for your website.

SEO is Cost Effective

SEO remains one of the most cost-effective methods to engage customers or clients, through unpaid search engine results. Being one of the most economical marketing instruments available, SEO will assist in building your online presence organically over an extended period of time. The only potential cost is to generate content, but whether you do the work in-house or outsource it, the value easily surpasses traditional marketing methods.

Rank Higher on Google

Very few users ever explore passed the second page of Google’s search results. This means it is extremely important to have your website rank as high as possible. When SEO is strategically and properly conducted, your website will be more likely to rank above the competition.

Increase Your Conversion Rate

With search engines, you have the chance to meet users when they’re actually searching for your products or services. If you’re website can provide helpful information that answers their key questions, or services that fulfil their needs, then you just made a conversion! Furthermore, Websites that are optimized are easier to use due to faster loading times, reader friendliness, and a responsive design.

Everyone is Online

The world is getting more and more dependent on smartphones. Our societies are spending more time interacting online with our networks via computer and now our mobile phones. From online shopping to banking, people can do everything in minutes with just a touch of a finger. This means your product or service is just one click or search away. If your SEO is not up to par you can lose potential clients or customers to the competition.

Fun Facts

  • 65,268 Google searches are performed every second
  • 2% of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones in 2018.
  • 3 words total are used in the typical search query.
  • 150% growth has been recorded for “near me” searches.

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