In this post, we are going to explore the main ad types that Facebook offers for paid advertising. As Facebook advertising is immensely growing more popular for businesses to use. It’s important to get a gist of how powerful Facebook advertising really is.

If you are entirely new to Facebook and its advertising engine, Facebook allows you to speed up your marketing efforts by offering paid promotion and advertising to a custom set of audiences created by the marketing firm of your choice.

To start off, If you’ve paid any attention to Facebook digital marketing, many business owners yet haven’t distinguished between Facebook ads and boosted posts. They are quite different things that are important to understand for your digital marketing plan, if you’re thinking about one.

Let’s first take a look at the boost posts in Facebook’s Business Page. This format’s objectives are to optimize for maximum engagement such as likes, comments and shares on your post. When you boost a post, Facebook will spend your budget displaying it to people who are most likely to press the like button or share or comment on your post. This is the most simple type of ad to create and run for any new business owner. While it’s not optimized for conversion which is the end-all goal of any business(making money), this type of ad is beneficial when it comes to launching your business presence on Facebook and raising awareness. At first, most likely people have never heard of you online and there is no activity on your page. Optimizing for conversions won’t give you any results with no traction to validate your business with social proof.

With Facebook Ads, more comprehensive audience targeting is made available through Facebook Business Manager that allows you to optimize for conversions with call to action buttons. Facebook Ads won’t appear on your Facebook Page, instead, they are ongoing with more customizable ad features. Targeting is everything, spending your ads to target the right people will produce the most results and increase your ROI’s(return on investment). Facebook Ads offer different types of ads that you can choose from.

Domain Ads (Clicks to Website)

This is a single image ad with an optional text above and a link description below that links to your website. Being the most popular ad on Facebook, this type of ad is effective, and with a pixel installed on your website, each visitor is logged and can be retargeted on Facebook later.

Carousel Ads (multi-product ads)

Introduced in 2015, carousel ads are great to see which products your audience is most interested in. Facebook can optimize your ad to have the most clicked on image appear first to increase the chances of Facebook users to visit your site. The ad enables you to show out a range of products to users making the ads more likely to meet the visitor’s needs.

Offer Ads

Offer Ads are a powerful way of targeting users who have engaged with your Facebook page or visited your store to a promotional discount code or barcode. Keeping your visitors coming back to your store increases the likelihood of converting.

Video Ads

Video ads are great for brand awareness and retargeting. The web is full of written content since this has been the dominating factor of digital marketing. However, Facebook ad videos are an easy way to get emotional engagement as people are tending to engage with marketing content. You can even retarget views based on the duration of the video watched. Targeting your warm leads will give you the most success with the Facebook video ads.

Leads Ads

Facebook Lead Ads allow you to collect information from the user without having to leave Facebook. It looks like a standard regular ad except when you click on it, Facebook automatically generates the information with name, number, and email address. The user is one click away from becoming a lead for your business.

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic Ads provide a way to advertise single or multiple ads to people who have visited your website. After a visitor has gone on a certain product page on your website, you can serve different ads to different groups of people based on what actions they took on the website. The focus of dynamic ads is solely for utilizing data collected from the website, warm them with ads, and get them back to products they viewed before.

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With all these different types of ads you can start using in your digital marketing plan, you can definitely strike some leads and land some new customers. Putting the effort and time into a well thought out strategy will eventually lead you to positive results. This is just a brief description of each ads, there are plenty of strategies out there to each ad, this article is to provide you with a sense of how intricate digital ads have become.